Financing could never be easier especially with us! Rates starting at 4.99%

  • Have a valid class 5 Licence or a co-signer with one
  • Be 18 Years of age or older
  • Good, Bad or No Credit.... LITERALLY!!! Credit Score does not matter with us, We can still get you approved with an affordable monthly payment.
  • Meet the income requirements: Child Tax Benefit, Employment, Retired, Pension, Self Employed, Disability, Non-Garnishable, Treaty Status and more! Earn a minimum of $1600 per month!
  • Combined income is accepted. Example: Child Tax + Work = 2200
  • Combined income with Co-Applicant. Example: Spouse 1 = $1200 child tax + Spouse 2 = $2200 work = $3400

We specialize in bad credit financing, We believe that every customer deserves a chance regardless of your credit history! We all have gotten second chances its about time you get one too!